Saturday, March 1, 2014

Difficulties Due to the Current Process of Freemedia in Fedora Project

This process is almost done manually, that is the main difficulty in this. Actually following issues are most of the time basing on this difficulty.

  • Contributors have to go to the [1] and check the ticket relevant to them. He/She should be get email notification about relevant tickets unless they subscribed to "Freemedia Trac list". 
  • Freemedia trac list is high traffic where every single transaction on the trac system is emailed.This may be a burden for members.That is why I think it is optional.
  • Ticket handling process is almost manually done by contributors.
               1) Rejecting of the invalid ticket course following reasons.
                      * No valid email id is provided.
                      * The region does not match the country.
                      * No proper address is given

               This can be done by proper validation when user create the ticket.
              2) Finding duplicates also have to handle by the members, but it should be avoided when ticket                          creates.

  • This process is not much user friendly. 

Those are the difficulties I recognize in this process. I think it should be automated. Then it will be a good service.


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