Saturday, March 1, 2014

Process that Freemedia Group is Following to Fulfill a Media Request

What is Freemedia in fedora Project?

  "The Fedora Free Media Program is a volunteer initiative by local Fedora Ambassadors and contributors to distribute Fedora Media (DVDs) for free to individuals who can't afford to buy or download Fedora."

What is the process that Freemedia group following?

   Basically, when individual request a Fedora media, any volunteer from the requester's country or near by burn the media and mail them.
Following flow chart will describe the process done when requesting.

Flow Chart of the Freemedia Process
    First user has to fill the form [1] given , asking for free media. After that ticket for the request has  to be created.Then the contributors  are requested to visit [2]  and go through the tickets. They have to reject invalid tickets and accept valid tickets. If ticket is found as a duplicate, accept one and close the others.
All the accepted ticket are available in [2].
    Now the volunteers can search relevant tickets and assigned to them. Then they burn the media and send them to the requester Meanwhile an email is sent informing that the media is on the way. If accepted ticket which are not assigned withing a month by anyone will be closed.

What are the tools use in this process?

  •     For Freemedia form handling stuffs Puppet[3] (IT automation software) is used.
  •     For wiki and ticket handling trac[4] is used.


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